Finding it advantageous to his clients, Gladstone draws upon his ten years of litigation practice plus another three decades of law practice in the entertainment hub of Nashville, TN.   He has provided legal advice, counsel, negotiation and completion of all phases and types of transactions in the music, film and television industries: artist recording, songwriting, artist management, music publishing, producer, production company, merchandising and publicity rights, foreign sub-publishing, master recording licensing (both domestically and abroad), trademark, copyright, television and internet matters. He also counsels clients in the acquisition and/or sale of entertainment industry intellectual properties.   Licensing of rights is central to his intellectual property practice.  He also has extensive experience representing corporate executives in employment matters, both in the commencement of new agreements and the termination of existing employment contracts and relationships.


He has extensive experience in intellectual property matters: all transactions in the purchase, sale and/or licensing of copyrights and trademarks and the registration of those rights and properties; protection of trade secrets; licensing, both domestically and internationally, of the full complement of intellectual property rights in musical compositions, sound recordings, publicity rights, literary rights and motion picture properties; and the licensing of “know how” from other industry sectors into combination of completed entertainment properties.


Gladstone lends his knowledge and skills to a variety of companies. Services include entity formation and maintenance for new and existing clients (corporations, LLCs, Series LLCs, joint ventures, partnerships and Limited Partnerships); structure of funding transactions; and due diligence for both creative and investor clients prior to committing resources to a particular business/investment proposal.  For more detail, see the Business Advisory Services page.


He counsels clients in connection with mergers and acquisitions in a variety of industries in addition to the entertainment industry. Steven has advised buyers and sellers in connection with the purchase and sale of entire companies as well as music (songs and recordings) catalogs, artwork, trademark and service mark properties and existing licenses as well as more traditional stock and/or asset transactions.


A significant part of Gladstone’s practice these days is the management of legal and business affairs for individuals and companies.  The subject matter supervised and advised by Gladstone varies greatly, from litigation to entity formation and ownership rights to television and film productions.  In this role, Gladstone actively selects specialized legal and business advisors who will professionally represent the client’s specific needs, and once engaged, maintains a close relationship of direction and communication with all third party specialists.