The private financing of entertainment business entities has been robust for many years, all around the globe. But all businesses are currently challenged, including IP, entertainment and financial ventures as major intellectual property based companies have downsized and consolidated, resulting in a greatly diminished “trickle-down” of economic benefit.

He helps clients and colleagues target and build relationships with strategically matched funding sources who understand them – including the nuances of how intangible properties, the entertainment business and investments in them are different.

Gladstone firmly believes that there must be effective and sustaining interaction between private funding sources and the creative community, the latter being the wellspring of of all entertainment and intellectual property business.  The importance to our country’s economy is reflected in this fact:  Intellectual Property is the highest valued export of the United States.

Obtaining specialized information from the right source is an important facet of the planning and consultation engagement.  By outsourcing the specific skills of specialists and other required resources, Gladstone can assist the client by managing those persons and sources.  That management function provides the client with an insider’s view of the services and fees of attorneys, accountants and other third party advisors, and Gladstone actively investigates each specialist source before referring it to the client.

Believing in the team approach, Steven introduces the clients to a vast array of contacts and colleagues, giving significant strength to the team.