Entertainment Industry Business Advisor

     Steven G. Gladstone

    Attorney & Advisor

    Intellectual Property

    and Business Law




Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, but conducting business globally, attorney Steven G. Gladstone shares his clients’ passion for their business endeavors.

Gladstone is a business lawyer, with over three decades of experience in legal issues in intellectual property, focused in the entertainment industry.   He understands that an entertainment business is vastly different from other businesses, with unique characteristics and needs.  And that every business has special legal issues to which he brings the experience of all facets of his extensive career, entrepreneurial endeavors and business building.

He offers broad insight, gained by his extensive and varied client advisory relationships, and focuses on enhancing client business success and value through:

  • Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Strategic Business Guidance
  • Management of Legal & Business Affairs

Now directing the legal and business affairs of TV, Film, Music, Literary, Intellectual Property and related businesses, Gladstone draws upon his own business ownership experience, as well as that as a litigator and intellectual property transaction attorney.